Elderly Care

The Mayan Families Elderly Care Program brings essential food assistance and medical care to abandoned and neglected elderly persons. When the program started, most of them were malnourished, anemic, suffered from undiagnosed diabetes, or were simply starving due to abandonment or neglect. This was an emergency care situation in which the survival of dozens of people was at stake.

Since then, we have thankfully moved past that stage onto a new, more therapeutic and durable one: comprehensive elderly care. We feed over 100 elderly every day in two centers, and have weekly workshops and theraputic activities to nourish and care for the minds and bodies of every elderly person. 

Help us bring this essential, life-changing care to each of our elderly and preserve their knowledge and traditions for the generations to come. 

There are two ways that you can support the Elderly Care Program:

  • Sponsor an elderly person in need for $35/month. This will provide them with a hot, nutritious meal daily, Monday through Friday.
  • Donate to our General Elderly Care Fund. These funds ensure that we always have an adequate supply of food, medicine, blankets, adult diapers and funds to support as many elderly people as possible.

You can follow the stories of many of the people in our elderly care program through our blog

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