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Sunday, November 2, 2014
Supporter Appreciation: Peg's Mayan Jewels
Katy Morris

Every year, we welcome hundreds of volunteers, sponsors and donors to Guatemala and to learn more about the work we do on the ground for impoverished families. Often times the experience is life-changing and many are compelled to continue their support and raise awareness of our cause once returning to their normal lives. Such was the case for Peg Meyer and Corlene Horan. 

"Mayan Families volunteers know that once you’ve seen this poverty, it’s impossible to ignore. The excess of our existence here at home ceases to make sense. You’re compelled to take action because you can’t forget those faces," says Peg.

Peg with Corlene's sponsored student, Nicolasa, in Chukmuk. Nicolasa's mother is one of the women who bead the beautiful jewelry and ornaments. 


"Ten years ago, we started buying jewelry made by the Mayan ladies and selling it at local events. The women benefit both when we buy it and when we sell it and the proceeds go back into their community. It showcases their incredible talent and allows us to share with others about Mayan Families and the great work they do in Guatemala. We plan to use the funds from this year’s sales to support the Chukumuk preschool and the Elderly Program."

Their craft shows in the Dallas/Fort Worth area are listed on their website at, where you can also now order online. So far, sales have been great! 

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