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Tuesday, December 9, 2014
Thanks to a Sponsor's Support, Elderly Makes Great Recovery
Grace White

It is always my great joy to provide good news to individual sponsors when a sponsored elderly has an amazing recovering or receives some wonderful news. Even more so, I think it is important to share these victories to all sponsors as you are a community of philanthropists that are supporting the Elderly Care Program.

In April, one of the elderly in our program,  Josefa Queche had a horrible fall that fractured part of her hip, her arm, her knee and severely damaged her face. She was completely bedridden and, without assistance, she could have had an even greater reduction in mobility.


Fortunately, due to the continued support of her sponsor, she was able to get the medical help needed to make a full recovery. When I visited her recently, I barely had time to greet her before she was asking me to thank her sponsor and Mayan Families for all of the support. As she recounted the story of her fall, she began crying tears of happiness as she told of her recovery. She ended her story with a prayer in which she prayed for blessings on the lives of all of the people who support her and people like her in the Elderly Care Program.

When I meet one of the elderly in our program for the first time, he or she usually displays some initial timidness at the presence of a stranger in their house (who wouldn’t!). However, Josefa wasted no time welcoming me into her room and telling me of her recovery, frequently breaking into prayer to thank God for her sponsor and for everyone who supports the Elderly. At 87, she still has full use of her mental faculties and is so thankful to still be able to chat with anyone who takes the time to listen. It was such a wonderful experience and I was only able to experience this because of all of the support Mayan Families’ Elderly Care Program receives from people like you. Thank you!

To help elderly in need just like Josefa, consider donation to our General Elderly Care Fund here. 

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