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Friday, December 12, 2014
Christmas Party for the Kids in Critical Need was a Success
Grace White

The Mayan Families’ Kids in Critical Need recently received a tremendous treat: a Christmas Party! Myrna, Cami, and Sandy came prepared to throw a party for the Kids in Critical Need that will not soon be forgotten! Armed with pinatas, Santa suits, presents, fun activities, and delicious treats these lovely ladies gave our Kids in Critical Need the opportunity to feel like regular kids at Christmas.

First on the list of activities was a race to pop balloons by sitting on them with as much weight as the children could muster. Immediately following, two of our little guys were asked to compete in a Guatemalan style dance-off in which, when the music played, they had to successfully demonstrate a “duck dance”. While Melvin was immediately in love with the idea, it took Brandon a few minutes to warm up to the idea. However, after a few minutes, Brandon was laughing just as much as Melvin, Myrna, Cami, Sandy, and myself! Sure enough, Brandon proved to make an excellent impression of a duck and won the dance-off.

After the dueling dancers, an activity was provided for some of the young ladies in our program. The four oldest girls in the program got ready to engage in one of the most bizarre challenges I have ever witnessed. Dividing into pairs and blowing up balloons, Karina, Blanca and Claudia worked in teams to move a balloon from waist level to their chins. This activity, though short in duration, was a particularly beautiful. I was able to see these girls, who provide care for their younger siblings, giggle and shed some of the weight of responsibility for a few minutes.

Immediately following this race, the kids got ready for another activity - the last balloon standing. Each child was equipped with a balloon wrapped around their ankle, the goal of the activity being to pop the rest of the balloons without losing your own balloon in the attempt! The children (and if we are being honest, the adults as well) laughed and laughed as they awkwardly tried to maneuver themselves into a position to pop a balloon!


With one more activity to wear out the children before the main event, pinatas were hung causing another riot of excitement. While all of the children gave it their all, it was Ana who was able to break the pinata causing a flurry of excitement. Even Claudia, who had been hesitant at first, joined the flurry of activity to grab a pile of candy.

After all the physical activity, it was easy to corral all of the children while Myrna, Sandy and Cami donned the outfits of Santa and his helpers. Fully dressed as Saint Nick and his entourage, the ladies braved the crowd of chanting children with presents piled high. One by one, each of the children in the Kids in Critical Need Program were able to receive a Christmas present and Christmas hug from Santa!

From all of us at Mayan Families, we give Sandy, Myrna and Cami a grand thank you for bringing some holiday cheer to our Kids in Critical Need and we wish you a Merry Christmas!



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