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Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Supporter Appreciation: Generous Donation of Critical Medical Supplies Given to Local Hospital
Tatiana Petrovick

Thank you to Nancy Hewett, volunteer and enthusiastic supporter of the Mayan Families Mission, for the contribution of this blog post.  

Mayan Families could not exist without the generosity and selfless involvement of donors and sponsors who come from so many diverse parts of the planet!  Every day, and in so many ways, our benefactors, who are in truth, our “friends,” demonstrate their humanity and compassion for those less fortunate in rural Guatemala. 

Gene and Kim are two such exceptional people.  Not only are they sponsors of several students in our Sponsorship Program, they put their energy, dedication and creativity to work last fall and reached out to their community in Windson, CA.  They solicited several of their local providers and rallied community resources; the result was a windfall contribution of medical supplies that will augment our ability to attend to the medical needs of those who need it most. 

The “mission” of expediting the transport and delivery of the valued cargo is a prime example of the Mayan Families organization as a “well oiled machine.”  Gene and Kim contacted Mayan Families to share the exciting news of the forthcoming donation and to tell us that they would cover the shipping at their own expense.

Gratified and energized by the magnanimous gift, the Mayan Families staff immediately went to work with the task of expediting receipt of the goods through Guatemalan Customs.  Due to the value and type of items being shipped, this is a complicated and intricate process.  Once the shipment was received at the Mayan Families headquarters in Panajachel, our Medical Coordinator, and other MF Staff inventoried the items to determine where they would be put to best use.

Many items were designated to be used in our on-site Charlie Gomez Medical Clinic.  Although we currently do not have full time doctors, we attempt to meet the needs of the community with regular volunteers and join forces both locally and internationally to provide the best level of care we can.  With the support of our generous donor base, we hope to hire a full time doctor as soon as possible. Various other items, such as adult diapers, were dispersed to those in our Elderly Care Program.  And some of the items were specifically earmarked for use by the couple's sponsored children.

Much to our amazement and surprise, the shipment included specialized and state of the art equipment such as an ultrasound machine, an electric operating room table, IV equipment, vital signs stations, surgical equipment and mattresses for hospital beds.  The total value of all of the items received exceeded several thousands of dollars and holds the potential to save hundreds of lives. 


Since this equipment can be utilized effectively only in a hospital setting, Don Julio, Mayan Families Director and Karina Zepeda, MF Medical Coordinator, contacted the administration of the Hospital Nacional Juan de Dios Rodas in Sololá to arrange and expedite the transfer of equipment.


It was with great pride and pleasure that both Julio and Karina accompanied by a group of Mayan Families staff attended a formal transfer of the donations to the National Hospital on Friday, January 16, 2015.  The event was covered by local media and the story appeared in January 20 issue of Nuestro Diario.

As a repeat volunteer I am always amazed by the level of involvement and outreach accomplished by the Mayan Families organization. Perhaps one of their key methods of having such a great impact on local communities is working directly with local community leaders, hospitals and schools such as on this occasion. 

They inspire me and give me hope and validation in my belief that each of us can make an impact toward helping to make this world a better place. Gene and Kim's generous act is an example of how our volunteers, sponsors and donors can reach across the miles and touch the hearts and lives of others.  Every act of giving, no matter the size or scope, helps us accomplish our mission.

To learn more about sending supplies to Mayan Families, click here. 

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