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Friday, March 13, 2015
Digital Learning Day: Computer Education at Mayan Families

Today we join the global community in celebrating Digital Learning Day!

Digital learning, which is a crucial component of modern education, encompasses various tools and applications to support students in their education. We see it as a critical element of learning that has the ability to expand young people's minds, provide them with a plethora of information and resources, and can connect them to others for personal and intellectual growth. 

While computer education is mandatory for Guatemalan Middle School students, the reality on the ground is that many schools in the country’s rural communities do not have the facilities or technology to provide these classes. We know how important it is for students to become familiar with modern technology, which is why Mayan Families strives to make computer education accessible in the communities where we work.

With the support of the Upper Arlington Rotary Club, we were able to set up a fully equipped computer lab in the San Jorge Middle School and in our library in Panajachel. Now students can take computer classes that align with the national education curriculum and they can gain valuable skills that make them more employable. Students are able to familiarize themselves with computer equipment and software and learn how to use information technology to research and produce information that compliments their education.

Having these skills gives students an interdisciplinary education that helps them live up to their potential and succeed in their studies.

The use of technology in education is what defines digital learning and the Tierra Linda Middle School is a perfect example of this. In an effort to bring education to the most remote parts of Guatemala, the Ministry of Education implemented the Telesecundaria model of instruction, first implemented in Mexico. Students in the Telesecundaria use internet and video material with the guidance of a teacher to receive and complete their Middle School education. Thanks to the Upper Arlington Rotary Club, Diane Dahms, and other generous supporters who have contributed computers to us, students in this rural area have the equipment and space they need for adequate digital learning

The 2014 school year ended with 40 middle school students from San Jorge successfully completing their computer classes. This year, our numbers are growing as we partner with additional schools in Panajachel and the region to provide quality computer education to their students.

Our teachers and students in our computer centers join in on Digital Learning Day to celebrate the integration of technology with education in rural Guatemala. 

To learn more or to donate computers to use, please contact

Photo Credit: March Schrum. All Rights Reserved

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