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Monday, August 3, 2015
Supporter Appreciation: Nuestros Niños Volunteer Group Returns!
Mark Prunella-Miller

Recently, we had the pleasure of welcoming back Nuestros Niños for a productive and impactful volunteer trip. They installed numerous fuel-efficient stoves, donated many food baskets, visited with sponsored students and so much more during their time with us. We are so appreciative of all the generosity! 

During the first week, we were fortunate enough to have some ophthalmologists in the group who traveled to three of the communities we work in. The eye examinations these doctors performed were much needed, and all of the patients were so grateful for their new glasses!

Meanwhile, throughout the week, the first Nuestros Niños team installed 25 stoves for families who were tremendously grateful! This experience was particularly impactful for some of the first timers on the trip, who were able to see first-hand the tremendous impact of these fuel-efficient ONIL stoves. Families that had previously cooked on an open fire will no longer cook their food in a smoke filled home. 

Of course, the kids at these houses loved all the goodies the group gave them! The bubbles and slap bracelets were a huge hit, among all the other toys.

Not only were the toys a huge hit, but the preschool activities the group planned induced so much excitement and many smiles! 


Of course, one of the highlights was the sponsored student lunch and party at the end of the week! It was wonderful to see all of the sponsors getting to know their sponsored students, as well as the students’ families. They appreciate your continued support immensely, and certainly enjoyed the piñata!

The second week with Nuestros Niños was just as action-packed! I had the pleasure of working closely with the group again this week, and their enthusiasm was contagious. We had some newcomers in this group as well, and it was wonderful to witness their immediate attachment to the people they met and the communities they worked in. One of the most special moments of the week was when two group members found children they wanted to sponsor in the San Jorge Preschool Nutrition Center after a fun morning filled with finger painting! Later in the week, these new sponsors had the opportunity to install stoves in their students’ homes as part of the 18 stoves the group installed that week. Installing these stoves in their students’ homes was a chance to understand the importance of their new sponsorships, and we are so grateful for their support!

Not only did our preschoolers in San Jorge and San Antonio have a great time with the group, but the elderly had a wonderful time doing craft projects as well! Nuestros Niños generously served lunch at our elderly care center in San Jorge and gave each person in the program a frame with their picture in it to decorate and take home with them.

On Friday, the group had lunch with their sponsored students, and I’m not sure who had more fun, the group members or the students! Everyone had a great time building new relationships and enjoying a delicious meal together.

Throughout the two weeks they spent in Guatemala, Nuestros Niños helped hundreds of families in need. Even before coming, they sent boxes of donations that they then gave out to our communities, and they packed over 200 food bags while here! In addition, they gave out water filters and egg laying hens, giving the beneficiaries of these gifts sustainable access to safe drinking water and eggs. It is through their generosity and hard work as well that a family in need will have a roof over their head. The group worked tirelessly before coming to fundraise for this project, and took the reins on site once coming to Guatemala.

Everyone here at Mayan Families who worked with Nuestros Niños was so impressed by their organization and generosity. The group made such an impact on so many, and we cannot wait to have them back in November! 

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