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Monday, November 30, 2015
Supporter Appreciation: Welcoming Back the Upper Arlington Rotary Club
Erin Crandell

In the last week of October, we were very excited to welcome back 20 members of the Upper Arlington Rotary Club of Columbus, Ohio. For many years, this Rotary Club has been an amazing partner and has supported several communities we work. On their most recent trip to Guatemala, they were able to visit all the projects they have supported in a very packed couple of days!


Members of the Upper Arlington Rotary Club at the El Barranco Preschool Nutrition Center inauguration ceremony



The community of El Barranco was glad to have the group back and once again showed their appreciation for the construction of the Preschool Nutrition Center with an inauguration ceremony. Preschoolers and their families all took part in the celebrations.

The group also visited several families living in critical situations with our Construction Department: water projects, our Elderly Care Feeding Center in San Jorge, and other potential future projects in the region.

The Tierra Linda Junior High School also welcomed the group at their graduation ceremony. This group of students, many of whom wish to go on to become doctors and teachers, was very thankful for having the continued support of the group.


Upper Arlington Rotary Club members with Mario, a graduate of the Mayan Families Carpentry Program. 


Income Generating Programs

The Upper Arlington Rotary Club has been a long time supporter of the Trade School programs in Panajachel and San Jorge. The group was once again able to visit the Sewing, Carpentry, and Computer classes they have been supporting and meet some of the students who have successfully graduated from the  programs. Members of the group also met with a Microloans Solidarity Group from Santa Catarina and heard about the growth and progress of the Microloans Program, all possible thanks to their support.



The Medical Program was thrilled to welcome three doctors this time - Katilin McCurdy MD, Paul Dusseau MD, and neurologist John Dusseau MD - who volunteered in our Medical Clinic, and ran clinics in the communities of El Barranco, San Jorge, and San Antonio Palopó. They were able to see many patients in urgent need of medical care, including several students from our Children with Special Needs Program who have limited access to a neurologist. We are so grateful for their support and for their extremely generous donations of supplies to our clinic!


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