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Friday, February 5, 2016
Supporter Appreciation: Thanks UUFCC for a Week of Hard Work!
Audrey Ward

Last week, we were lucky enough to welcome back the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Centre County, Pennsylvania.

The group has been committed to supporting our work at Mayan Families for some time now, and it was great to have them back in Guatemala. They proved their dedication yet again last week by installing ten fuel efficient ONIL stoves for families living around Lake Atitlán. Covering an impressive area, the group installed stoves in Panajachel, San Antonio Palopó, Tierra Linda, San Isidro, and San Jorge.


With all their hard work and generosity, the group made a very real impact on the lives of the families that we work with. These stoves alleviate much of the harm caused by traditional cooking methods that rely on open fires. By channeling smoke out of the houses and conserving energy, these stoves prevent respiratory illnesses and decrease the risk of burns.



In Guatemala, acute lower respiratory infections are the single most important cause of death, with special emphasis in the rural areas.They also save families money and time as they require far less wood than an open fire or non-fuel-efficient stove.

Debra Hopkins, MD, also joined the group and was able to treat many patients in need  in our Charlie Gomez Medical Clinic during her week with Mayan Families. Dr. Debra, an ER doctor familiar with urgent medical needs, was able to see patients of all age groups with a variety of medical issues. We are so grateful for her medical support and hope to see her back soon!


Dr. Debra Hopkins, MD (far right) and members of the Charlie Gomez Medical Clinic team

We are extremely grateful for their hard work and generosity. Thank you, UUFCC and we hope to welcome you back very soon!

To support our efforts to provide this support to our clients, please consider donating to the Family Aid General Fund!


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