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Thursday, February 25, 2016
Supporter Appreciation: Welcome back Paso por Paso!
Audrey Ward

We here at Mayan Families love to talk about how wonderful our sponsors, donors, and volunteers are. Paso Por Paso once again demonstrated their dedication and generosity when they came to work with us early this month!

A student making a Valentine's Day card

Coming just in time for preparations for Dia del Cariño (Valentine’s Day), Paso Por Paso began their week by making Valentine’s Cards with their sponsored students. This event has become a staple of the Mayan Families calendar and this year once again lived up to high expectations. Each member of the group was able to sit with a student and help them create a beautiful card. The student’s art talent will be greatly appreciated by the sponsors who will receive the elaborate cards.

Exchanging Valentine's Day cards in Tierra Linda

An exchange of cards also took place in Tierra Linda at the Mayan Families school, making more cards to present to students in Canada. The Guatemalan students also received cards from Canada and, to end the day, a skype conversation was arranged linking the two classrooms. The two groups asked each other questions and sang songs to each other. One middle schooler from Tierra Linda also got a chance to practice his English with them!

Handing out checks to Microloan Program participants

Not only do Paso por Paso sponsor numerous students, they have also provided 54 microloans for women from San Antonio Palopó and Tierra Linda. They were able to present the funds to each of the women in a ceremony. For many of these women this is a chance to expand or establish their businesses, and gain financial independence.

Thank you for all you do, Paso por Paso. We are, as always, eagerly awaiting your return!

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