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Friday, April 22, 2016
We're Opening a New Preschool Nutrition Center in Peña Blanca!

Written by Erin Crandell, Communications and Marketing Manager

We are so excited about this news that we can't hold it in any longer: Mayan Families is opening a new Preschool Nutrition Center in Peña Blanca!

Photo by Erin Crandell 

Why Peña Blanca?

When we first started brainstorming what our next project in Peña Blanca should be, the overwhelming consensus from the community was for the establishment of a Preschool Nutrition Center. Currently, there is no preschool in Peña Blanca and as a result many children, coming primarily from indigenous families living in poverty, are falling behind their peers even before they start primary school. Having seen the results from the Mayan Families Preschool Nutrition Center in neighboring Tierra Linda, the community was anxious to do everything they could to give their children the best future possible.

Photo by Erin Crandell 

With the help of the thousands of supporters who saw the Living on One Dollar documentary and were inspired by the hope and resilience of this little community in rural Guatemala, we were able to buy a large piece of land in the town. We are aiming to have the preschool completed by the end of 2016 so that it will be ready to welcome its inaugural class of preschoolers in January 2017!

What are the Preschool Nutrition Centers?

The Mayan Families Preschool Nutrition Centers provide 3 to 6 year old children in underserved communities with the best possible preparation for school. This bilingual education approach helps students (most of whom only speak their indigenous language in the home) by giving them a strong foundation in Spanish, and teaches them the basics of math, writing, colors, and civic engagement.

The centers also give each student one nutritious meal and one healthy snack every day, ensuring that the kids have all of the nutritional support they need to grow up healthy and strong. We have also partnered with Vitamin Angels to make sure that every child receives a daily vitamin, and provide regular anti-parasite treatments thanks to Kaplin Point. By teaching these children about their own health and hygiene early, we are instilling good habits that will keep them healthy for the rest of their lives.

Not only are we teaching the future of the community in our Preschool Nutrition Centers, we are making a multi-generational difference by equipping parents with knowledge on topics such as health, hygiene, and study support.

Photo by Erin Crandell 

Thank you to everyone who has followed Mayan Families, the Living on One team, and the community of Peña Blanca on our journey! Without your support, none of this would have been possible. Together, we will build something incredible in Peña Blanca and give every child from the community a chance at a brighter future.

For more information about our Preschool Nutrition Centers, visit our webpage

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