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Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Supporter Appreciation: Adelphi Brings Energy and Fun to Mayan Families!
Audrey Ward

Written by Audrey Ward, Volunteer Program Manager

We had an incredible week with the nursing students from Adelphi University in Long Island, NY. Not only were these students bright, thoughtful, and engaged in the work they were doing, they were also eager to learn about the rich culture in Guatemala.

Adelphi began their week with a tour of historic Chichicastenango. After enjoying traditional Guatemalan food and the colorful market, the group made their way to Panajachel, where they would begin an intense week of work with Mayan Families.

On their first morning with Mayan Families, Adelphi students listened to a presentation from our Charlie Gomez Medical Clinic. This presentation included information about health care in Guatemala, preventative healthcare programs run by the clinic, and traditional medicine practiced by indigenous Guatemalans. The students were engaged and curious, asking questions at the end of the presentation about public health in Guatemala.

For the rest of their time with Mayan Families, the Adelphi students did some heavy lifting to install stoves. They installed stoves for 10 indigenous families in Cooperativa, Chukmuk, and Peña Blanca. Each of these communities around the lake has a distinct culture, and the students were able to experience these cultural difference first hand. Mayan Families staff members were impressed with the student’s desire to work hard and carry the heavy pieces of the stoves.

In Peña Blanca, students greeted by smiling children who wanted to play! The Adelphi students happily obliged the rambunctious children by playing games.  Adding a personal touch makes all the difference!

On Friday afternoon, students had a tour of the bomberos (firefighters) facility in Panajachel. They had fun climbing on the firetrucks and sliding down the fire pole. Students also learned about the role of the bomberos here in town. It was a perfect way to end a successful week!

We enjoyed hosting the students and professors from Adelphi, and know that the work they did while here will have a generational impact. Here’s to many successful trips in the future!

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