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Friday, August 11, 2017
Mayan GAP Gives Mayan Families Something to Smile About!
Erin Crandell

Written by Audrey Ward, Medical Program Manager

During the month of July, Mayan GAP (Guatemala Dental Awareness Project) made their annual trip to Mayan Families. While here, they saw several patients, including many of our preschool students that participated in our Well Child Checkups. We are very grateful to Mayan GAP for the essential dental services they provide to indigenous Guatemalans!

In Guatemala, many people have limited access to dental care. A lack of resources and cost barriers often results in having a tooth extracted when it could have otherwise been saved. This can present problems later on in life, such as gum disease, diabetes complications, and other oral health problems. For this reason, we rely on Mayan GAP to provide high-quality dental care to many of our clients.

During their week, they saw nearly 200 patients and treated problems ranging from fillings to root canals. Patients came from various communities around Lake Atitlán, including San Antonio, Peña Blanca, San Jorge, and Tierra Linda. With limited dental care available, individuals from these communities would otherwise not have access to these services. Mayan GAP helped many of our clients and they all left with smiles on their faces!

In addition to providing dental services to our clients during their clinic week, Mayan GAP also taught students at our San Antonio Preschool Nutrition Center about dental hygiene. With a fun song and demonstration, members of Mayan GAP were able to teach these bright preschoolers the correct way to brush their teeth. These habits will help students grow up healthy and strong, ensuring a future filled with shiny and sparkly teeth. Mayan GAP also gave each preschooler a fluoride treatment.  We are grateful to Mayan GAP for caring about our youngest clients and their smiles.

Many indigenous Guatemalans have relied on Mayan GAP for world-class dental care for several years, and this year was no exception. With high quality dentists, equipment, and care for patients, Mayan GAP had another successful week in providing dental services to our clients. We look forward to providing more people with healthy, bright smiles with Mayan GAP!

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