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Saturday, September 2, 2017
Securing a Home for Generations
Erin Crandell

Written by Anna Aspenson, Food Security & Community Development Program Manager

Earlier this month, little Noé marched into Mayan Families accompanied by his father Manuel and his mother Francisca. He ran around and made funny faces, but his parents appeared distraught and worried. They were about to lose their home.

Noé, his parents, and his 12 brothers and sisters live in the rural community of El Barranco. In 2016, Noé's father Manuel took out a small loan to buy the plot of land in front of their house, with plans to plant corn and maybe even one day build a home for his grandchildren. He worked hard to pay the $66 a month to pay off the loan, and for the first four months he was successful. Sadly, his progress came to a grinding halt when he suddenly suffered from an infection in his appendix. Manuel's operation left his family in even more debt, and he was unable to work until he recovered. Neither Manuel nor his wife had the opportunity to receive and education, and work was difficult to find. They were doing their best to make ends meet for their thirteen children.

To make matters worse, the bank threatened to foreclose his home. They gave him one month to repay his entire loan in full, but Manuel had no way to pay such a large amount. With nowhere else to turn, he came to Mayan Families for support.

Our incredible Mayan Families community banded together and raised over $2,000 for Noé and his family! Thanks to your efforts, Noé and his siblings will have a secure home for generations.

Access to land is critical for the rural poor, as it reduces vulnerability to hunger and allows families to invest in their future. If you would like to help another family that is suffering through a crisis, please consider giving to our Strengthening Communities Program. We believe that when families are able to meet their most basic needs, their communities grow and prosper, and vice versa.

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