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Thursday, October 12, 2017
Supporter Appreciation: Community Church of Poway Committed to Productivity and Passion
Erin Crandell

Written by Dylan Colburn, Volunteer Program Manager

The Community Church of Poway was committed to intense productivity during their time with Mayan Families. From their first moments at the office, they made it clear that they weren’t messing around. First,they headed to our carpentry workshop for a quick stove building demonstration, then they were off to the hills of Tierra Linda and Peña Blanca to get to work. In that afternoon, they preceded to install 12 ONIL stoves for local families in need.

The following morning  the group donated about 80 pairs of shoes to the preschool in San Jorge, enough for the entire school! Organizing such a formidable task is no easy feat but the Poway Church group kept the energized preschoolers entertained and kept the line running smoothly. The students loved interacting with group members as they found the perfect fit and shoe style. Seeing the kids testing out their new kicks, beaming with pride was the icing on the cake.

After the preschool visit the group continued on to the Anciano Center to serve lunch to the elderly, acquainting themselves with the regulars. Once the elderly finished their meals, the group enjoyed a weaving demonstration led by Juana, a local member of our artisan program.

On Wednesday, the Poway church group ventured deep into the community of Chaquijyá to install, what may be a foundational record, a whopping 16 stoves! This group truly wasn’t afraid of a hard day's work and their contagious positive energy remained consistent throughout the day.

In their last two days the group installed more stoves, donated beds and water filters, and held a lunch for their sponsored students. At the lunch, lots of gifts and hugs were exchanged between the donors and their students. It was clear that there was a close personal connection between the group members and the families they supported. The week was capped with a cooking class held by our chefs in the Panajachel preschool. The group learned the fine art of making delicious chuchitos and tamales.

We’re incredibly grateful for the time and energy the Community Church of Poway committed to helping the indigenous communities in Lake Atitlan. Their efforts will help support the lives of families in need for many years.

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