Natural Building Workshops

With a growing agenda for sustainability, Mayan Families puts greater significance on local training and preservation of local traditions. As part of this, the Shelter Program is developing green construction solutions with a focus on the empowerment of the indigenous communities where we work. The aim to meet the needs of the community by delivering fully local, economical, ecological and socially feasible, off-grid and independent architectural projects.

This has come in response to a gradual shift from using traditional vernacular building methods towards contemporary materials such as poured concrete, concrete block and corrugated tin sheeting. Due to this change, knowledge of traditional building methods is at risk of being lost. As a result, many natural structures are now built incorrectly and are perceived as inferior building materials. In an attempt to counter this problem,  we assess local vernacular architecture and provide technical advice and support to families.

We are launching our Natural Workshops, a series of educational activities available for visiting groups. Through these, we hope to raise awareness of the positive aspects of natural construction within the local community.

The workshops offer participants the opportunity to learn how to build with natural materials, using traditional vernacular methods. The course is flexible, lasting between 2-7 days with participants learning and working alongside members of the local community to build safe and secure structures using natural materials.

If you are interested in participating in our workshops or would like further information, please contact


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