Strengthening Communities

We believe that when families are able to meet their most basic needs, their communities grow and prosper, and vice versa.

In the Western highlands of Guatemala, many families live in rural areas, isolated from government and health services. The infrastructure available to them does not provide these families with steady income or means to provide consistent nutritional meals for their children.

Our Strengthening Communities Program aims to provide social services and food security interventions so that families do not need to sacrifice their health or education in a time of crisis. 

  • Food Security: Over 70% of indigenous children in Guatemala are chronically undernourished. Food insecure families receive emergency food assistance, nutrition workshops, and budgeting consultation. This improves their ability to purchase and prepare healthy foods for their children. 
  • Healthy Homes: Pneumonia and diarrheal diseases are the leading causes of death in children under 5 in Guatemala. Some of these can be prevented through access to potable water and fuel-efficient stoves. We want children to live in a safe environment, free of woodsmoke and threats to their health and development. 
  • Economic Opportunity: 79% of indigenous families in Guatemala are living under the poverty line. Every family and community has the ability to drive change, despite limited resources. We work with our clients to come up with long-term, sustainable solutions to improve their wellbeing. This includes a range of services, including capital for a small business, support for land acquisition, and community health education.


How can you help?

  • $30 a month could provide a child with nutritional support 

  • $50 could provide essential medicine for a student in need

  • $121 could provide a water filter for a child suffering from a water-borne illness

  • $300 could support leadership and nutrition workshops for one month

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