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The connection between our sponsors and their sponsored students is an incredibly important bond and we know that sending gifts to your students can be a great way to strengthen this. Not only that, but you as a donor can help us serve the communities where we work through providing items that we need to operate our programs. Mayan Families is happy to announce that you can form part of our Fall Shipment to Guatemala this October.

If you are interested in sending books, toys or family gifts to our sponsored students, or in supporting Mayan Families’ programs with items that are not easily available in Guatemala, then please read on.

When Is the Shipment

The Fall Shipment will be sent to Guatemala in late October, in order to arrive for the holiday season. All packages must arrive before October 11th to Beth McFadyen, Mayan Families’ Board Chair.

Any packages that arrive after October 11 will not be delivered to Guatemala in this Fall Shipment. If you would like to participate in the Boston Packing Party, it will take place on October 20th, 2:00 – 7:00pm. 

How Do I Get My Package Included

Due to the logistics of sending such a large shipment please ensure your student care packages each fit into a standard size shoebox or school backpack. There are two options to get your packages included in the Fall Shipment. You can either:

  • Have your package shipped (before October 11), or
  • Bring your package to the packing party (on October 20)

Erin Mooney, Mayan Families' Executive Director, and the majority of Board members, will be there for you to meet and talk about the work and direction of the organization. Anyone is welcome at this event, even if not participating in the packing or are new to Mayan Families. Please email for the address of the Boston Collection Point / Boston Packing Party.

Donation to Cover Shipping

We also ask for a donation of $10 per shoebox or $20 per backpack to help cover the costs of shipping to Guatemala and the logistics involved in distributing your kind gifts. Donations can be made by visiting our Donations Page and entering the appropriate dollar amount to cover what your are sending. Please note that this donation must be made before we can add your package to the shipment. Once the donation is completed we will send you an electronic receipt and a form which we ask you to print out, complete and include with the package when you send it.If you are sending supplies for Mayan Families programs or our offices the above fee will be waived.

Our goal is to send 300 care packages – Any way that you and your friends and family can help us reach this goal would be much appreciated. We would be delighted to acknowledge community service work for any individuals or groups (youth or adult) that wish to partner with Mayan Families in this project to earn community service hours for school, sports, scouting, etc.

What Can I Send

We encourage all of our donors and sponsors to send a student care package to their sponsored students this Fall, with a selection of beneficial gifts and items to help our students celebrate Christmas (an important holiday in Guatemala) and get ready to return to school in January. Please consider sending a care package to an unsponsored student. If you wish to include a gift for an unsponsored child, please add a note with a suggested recipient, e.g. a 5-10 year old girl or a 12-16 year old boy.

There are also many items that are difficult for us to get here in Guatemala, and if you wish to support our work by donating some of the items in the list below, we would greatly appreciate it.

When sending a care package, please ensure that the gifts will fit inside of a school backpack or a shoebox. Students live with other family members and will often have siblings, so please think of gifts that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Suggested Gifts for Students

  • Books, games, or good quality toys (in Spanish)
  • Coloring or puzzle books (in Spanish)
  • School supplies or stationary (notebook, coloring pencils, pens)
  • A sweater or cardigan

Please Do Not Send

  • Gifts of a religious nature
  • Cash
  • Unhealthy snacks (candy, chocolate, lollipops, etc.)
  • Gifts that do not fit into a school backpack
  • Gifts that can only be enjoyed by one child

Gifts to Mayan Families' Programs

If you want to support Mayan Families’ programs, please consider sending some of the supplies below. Donations can be shipped directly to the packing party address in Boston. Remember, we will waive the packaging fee for any donations sent to support our programs.


  • Computers, laptops and tablets
    • Fully functional models newer than 2009
    • INTEL 5 or above processors
    • Windows 7 or above
  • Printers
    • Please include ink or toner


  • DSLR cameras
    • Fully functional, at least 7 megapixels, ISO of 6400 or above
  • Camera accessories - e.g. memory cards, battery packs and tripods
    • Please email for a list of what is currently needed

School Supplies

  •  Classroom supplies to be used in the preschools
    • Please send only new, packaged supplies
  • Coloring pencils and pens
  • Craft materials
  • Colored paper and construction paper


Thank you for your support

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