Shelter Program

The Shelter Department

The Mayan Families Shelter Department aims to increase the quality of life for low-income families living in the highlands of Guatemala by improving their living conditions and communities’ infrastructure and utilities.

The current housing deficit in Guatemala stands at over 1.8 million houses (Foguavi, 2014) where many families lack the resources to purchase land and are forced to use the majority of their income to pay inflated rent prices. Many who do own their own land struggle to afford adequate housing and sanitation or have seen their property destroyed or damaged through natural disasters.

We believe home ownership can help lift families out of poverty by reducing the financial strain of monthly payments and by having a secure, stable place to live children will have the opportunity to learn and grow in healthy surroundings.

We provide accommodation to those who are living in precarious or dangerous situations after being identified as a critical case based on a thorough needs assessment of our beneficiaries. We use only the highest quality materials throughout all our construction projects in order to withstand seismic activity and other natural disasters. For more information on our critical cases please see this site.


Our primary goal is to work alongside communities to improve availability of communal infrastructure and utilities. We also aim to support the community by facilitating access to adequate, safe and suitable housing for the most critical cases.  

We achieve this by:

  • Implementing professional architectural plans that meet the specific needs of each community or family.
  • Employing local labor teams to build community infrastructure and low cost houses.
  • Repairing and adding to existing structures to improve family’s facilities.
  • Facilitating access to basic utilities such as water, sewage systems and electricity.
  • Assisting in the legal process of land acquisition.
  • Providing technical advice on building practices and support on payment and debt management.

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Mayan Families is an accredited 501(c)(3) non-governmental organization.



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