Our Team

Mayan Families in the USA works with Fundacion Familia Maya as our delivery partner in Guatemala which allows us to better understand the needs of the community, build strong relationships and deliver the highest level of impact with your donations.


Kimberly holds a Master of Urban Planning and Policy degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management. 
Kimberly will provide key leadership in the areas of strategy, program management, financial control, operations, fundraising and staffing. She will build and maintain relationships with community leaders, business partners, industry experts and donors, while ensuring that the organization stays true to its mission.  A long-time supporter of Mayan Families, Kimberly is the proud mother of Zoe, adopted from Guatemala. She lives in Chicago and has been visiting Guatemala for 10 years. 
You can reach Kimberly at development@mayanfamilies.org
Kimberly Bares, Interim Executive Director  


Program Management

Ellie, Director of OperationsDirector of Development 
Ellie, Education Program ManagerCarolina, Education Program CoordinatorChiara, Student Sponsorship Coordinator
  Serena, Social Entrepreneurship Manager  Michaela, Strengthening Communities 


      Glen, Shelter Program Development ManagerNerissa, Medical Program    
  Pablo, Volunteer Program  


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