Artisan Bridge works with Mayan Families to connect  women artisans from San Antonio Palopó to wider markets. Check out the range of products on their website today. The nonprofit organizations WINGS promotes family planning education and access to reproductive health services to youth in Guatemala. The organization partners with Mayan Families to give training sessions that equip our staff with the skills and knowledge to design and run our reproductive health education program, ‘’Ojos Abiertos’’ for students aged 13-16.The pharmaceutical company Caplin Point provides the Charlie Gomez Medical Clinic at Mayan Families with significant discounts on desperately needed medications and supplies. This medicine is distributed to individuals in critical need at the clinic.

We work with HELPS International to source thousands of fuel-efficient ONIL stoves to help prevent indoor air pollution for impoverished families throughout rural Guatemala. Learn more about the stoves here!


Hospitalito Santiago Atitlán partners with Mayan Families to gather data on diabetes in Guatemala for a major study organized by the World Diabetes Foundation. The Hospitalito has also provided essential support to the development of our Diabetes Prevention and Education Program through Mayan Families’ Charlie Gomez Medical Clinic.

The Kind Market is a project based organization that brings localized market products together from around the globe. They source various Guatemalan products through our Artisan Program, helping to provide women from impoverished families an opportunity to generate income.

Life Out of the Box encourages you to "Buy a product, help a person in need + see your impact. That's Life Out of the Box." We are proud to be partnered with this inspirational company that works to end poverty and give back!

Following the global release of Living on One Dollar, a documentary following the plight of families in Peña Blanca living on less than $1 a day, Mayan Families partnered with the filmmakers to set up a fund to directly provide assistance to families living in the area, including Rosa, Chino and Anthony as well as the community overall. Learn more here.

Oh My Maya raises money for charities serving Guatemala through the sale of beautiful beaded jewelry, fine textiles and clothing handwoven on backstrap looms. 

For several years, we have partnered with Pack Away Hunger and Mission Guatemala to provide high-protein, highly-nutritious rice packets to malnourished children and families throughout rural Guatemala. Just like them, we believe that "When you feed a feed our future."

Pana Paws sells handcrafted animal collars and additional products in the United States and Canada, but made in Guatemala. A portion of all proceeds comes back to help our Hope for the Animals Program!

Ten years ago, Peg Meyer started buying jewelry made by the Mayan ladies and selling it at local events. The women benefit both through the sales, and through proceeds that go back into their community. Their craft shows in the Dallas/Fort Worth area are listed on their website: where people can now order online.

Project SPARK is a small grants organizations promoting change through education that supports one of Mayan Families’ Preschool Education Centers in San Jorge. The organization also sponsors several students in our Sponsorship Program and frequently provides essential items, like school supplies, to these students.

The Reviver Challenge is an annual fundraising event in Rhode Island that is completely run by volunteers. It challenges hundreds of runners of all ages to complete a 2.5-mile obstacle course to support charities like Mayan Families. The Reviver Challenge’s following continues to grow like wildfire, largely thanks to Catherine Reyes' determination. We are happy to welcome them each year for week-long group volunteer visits.

The Rotary Club of Upper Arlington is part of Rotary International, an association of over 34,000 Rotary clubs in 200 countries throughout the world. We are proud to have partnered with them for several years on projects including Preschool and Home Construction, the establishment of our Vocational Schools, extensive water projects, and much more.


Our fabric-cause partnership with Serengetee encourages people to "wear the world." Mayan Families works with Serengetee through our Artisan Program to supply them with locally-made Guatemalan fabric, providing much-needed jobs for women to generate income for their families.

Vitamin Angels is a nonprofit that partners with various NGOs around the globe to distribute a variety of essential vitamins. They provide multi-vitamins to our Preschool Education Centers and also provided training to our social workers so they can educate mothers about these vitamins. Vitamin Angels also partners with our Artisan Program, employing local artisans to make thread bracelets that are sold in Vitamin Shoppe Retail Stores across the U.S.

The Weave of Hope is an initiative started by Madison Women’s Health to provide economic independence to women artisans in Guatemala. The organization was one of the first to partner with the Mayan Families Artisan Program. They support many of our local artisans by purchasing woven bags and giving them to new mothers to use as diaper bags.


The Wuqu’ Kawoq Maya Health Alliance offers comprehensive medical care and support to patients at the Charlie Gomez Clinic with complex conditions. The Alliance also shares culturally sensitive techniques and knowledge to improve our medical services at Mayan Families.





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