Tutoring Program

Our sponsored students often have many obstacles to overcome on the path to academic success, even with a sponsorship.  A vast majority of our students speak an indigenous Mayan language at home, so attending classes in public schools in Spanish can be a very challenging adjustment.  Many of our students also have significant responsibilities at home - either working to support the family before and after school, or cooking and caring for younger siblings. This takes up a significant amount of time that might otherwise be spent doing homework and studying.

Furthermore, the instability that comes with poverty often has a significant mental impact; it is difficult to concentrate when you're hungry, embarrassed about ragged, dirty clothes, or worried about whether your family will be able to pay the rent.

When our students struggle, we do everything possible to keep them in school.  Sometimes, consultations with our social workers are helpful, but more often than not, interactive and consistent academic support is necessary.  In those situations, we can provide tutoring.  

Our Tutoring Program is currently open to all students in San Jorge and Panajachel.  Tutoring is set up in a homework-help center style, with a teacher who is available to help students with their schoolwork.  Students are encouraged to come in to receive help as often as they need it, allowing students to receive the extra assistance they need to succeed in their education.  

How to get involved

Help us to continue offering this much-needed service to students in need by making a donation to the General Education Fund today!


For more information about the tutoring program please contact education@mayanfamilies.org


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