Writing to Your Student

Students love to hear from their sponsor, and it’s a great way to connect with your student and learn more about them!

You can either email or mail your students and we will ensure they receive your communication. If your student has written back or wishes to communicate with you, this will be uploaded to your student’s profile. You can email your correspondence to studentletters@mayanfamilies.org. If you wish to send a letter through the post, you can send it to the following address:

Fundación Familia Maya

Aptdo. Postal 91

Panajachel, Dept. Solola

Guatemala, 07010

While it can be a fun and exciting way to get involved, sometimes it’s difficult to know what to write about. Here are some tips to keep in mind!

Feel free to share information about yourself and your life and even include a photo, just keep in mind that your student is young and lives in a culture that is probably quite different from your own. Very personal questions and sharing personal information about yourself can be uncomfortable, so we encourage you to keep things friendly and not share private information.

Letter-writing is an opportunity to learn about your student’s life, share information about yourself and get to know your sponsored student’s personality better. Letters should be about creating a friendship, rather than focusing on donations.

Mayan Families has various check-in processes to make sure we get the most current and accurate information possible about our sponsored students and their families, and this information is processed and posted on your student’s profile for you to view. Asking your student directly about his or her needs can cause confusion about the processes that are in place for collecting information about their needs, so it’s best to focus on getting to know your student’s interests.

Topics to include in your letter:

  • School: Ask about their favorite subject or topic; let them know what you enjoyed studying then were their age
  • Hobbies and work: What you do for a living, what you like to do in your free time, questions about what kind of activities your student likes outside of work (sports, friends, books, etc)
  • Family and friends: It can be fun to share information about your family and friends (how many people are in your family, what you like to do together, etc. but please ensure it is appropriate)
  • Culture: Exchanging information about local traditions, food, and holiday celebrations is a fun way to learn about local customs and share information about who you are as well

We kindly ask that you keep topics like these out of your letters:

  • Overly personal questions (discussing illness, difficult family situations, etc can be uncomfortable for your student)
  • Highlighting differences in living conditions such as income comparisons
  • Using your last name or information such as your home address
  • Sentiments of love or affection (especially when first writing to a student)
  • Questions or comments about religion
  • Asking what the student’s needs are

Please also keep in mind that there is often a short delay in your student receiving your letter.  Since many of our students and their families are very busy with school, work, and other activities, it can often be a few days before they are able to make it into the Mayan Families office to receive your letter.  We thank you for your patience and understanding.  

Note that we are happy to help arrange for gifts for your students as well, and you can visit our Send a Donation Item page to find a list of all gift options. It is best not to send money or gifts (especially food or candy) in your letter, and we would love to help you find out what donation will make the biggest difference in your sponsored student’s life!

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to education@mayanfamilies.org.


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